Tuggeranong Baptist Church gathers for worship and fellowship at the Garratt St Centre each Sunday at 10am

23 Garratt Street, Wanniassa.

Rev Ian Reid: 0401 301 193 ian.reid@mail.com

Pastor Paul Massen: 0451 055 885 Pastoral Care

Worship starts in:

10.00am Sunday

Many Christians wish to go deeper in their knowledge of their faith, but do not have the time or finance to attend a conventional Bible College and commit to formal study, assignments and assessments.

The College aims to provide classes during Spring and Autumn over the coming years. Subjects will include: Old Testament, New Testament, What the Bible Teaches, Reasons to Believe what Christians Believe, and the History of the Church. Other subjects may be added over time.

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Christianity – it’s making our lives better, but we’re still captive to consumerism!

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